Cookies for me?

by Tukie on December 2, 2009

Is that dry food? The pellets look so large.

Is that dry food? The pellets look so large.

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ThaNhor December 17, 2015 at 5:39 pm

I think it’s unfare an prttey lame wen developers critique others code without actually calculating or using quality assurance metrics.Drupal for instance at least has unit tests. WordPress is a nightmare of code, worse than Joomla architecturally.Joomla probably has the clearest interpretation of MVC of any CMS not just Drupal/WordPress. Drupal is a strictly procedural code base which is fine. The entire application execution/pipeline is unique to drupal, not standardized at all. WordPress is even worse. Joomla at it’s core, at least implements a router, dispatcher and controller, model view components, which if you understand patterns (especially MVC) becomes fairly obvious to step through.Drupal on the other hand (as with wordpress) is a collection of hooks/callbacks that get invoked and makes far more difficult to figure out what is going.I think you got your reviews way off. Joomla has historically had horrible support for users and community. It’s ACL was sorely lacking (and updated in 1.6). Likewise Drupal has always been flexible enough in this regard it satisfies most peoples requirements.WordPress, I haven’t used much of, or lately. But a quick glance at the core code and I smell insane amounts of coupling, presentation logic mixed wih business logic mixed with data access logic. blah. This makes for quality code? Maybe for a first year PHP developer.Viva la Drupal 🙂


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