A study of paws*

by Tukie on December 14, 2009

Kitty paws can be squishy and cute. However, they can become deadly when provoked. Let’s examine the cute aspects of paws and leave the danger for another time. Witness the cuteness of paws:

So many paws!

Paws are cute when casually resting (see laptop example). They are also adorable when next to kitty’s face or when kitty’s head is resting on them. Paws are especially cute when they are marked a different color, like Mochi’s paws, which are white on gray. Despite not having opposable thumbs, paws can be used to grasp onto objects (see yellow chickie and orange birdie). Paws are flexible and can bend when kitty is standing.

Future assessment of paws will include video of pawing in action and claws of paws.

*Disclaimer: This study is in no way a complete assessment of kitty’s paws. Further insights are welcome in the comments.

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